Classes for the Public

Trauma & The Nervous System

Rolfing & Trauma & The Nervous System Learn how your brain is wired to respond to danger, and how overwhelming experiences can cause us to get stuck in danger-response mode. You'll understand the basic biological reasons for emotions, and gain compassion for yourself and others. This class includes experiential activities to help you feel how to monitor and consciously affect your own nervous system.
(Note, this class is not intended to treat severe emotional trauma. I am happy to provide a referral to a trained therapist.)
Based on the book 
Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine.

Weds Feb 18, 7-9 PM, People's Co-op community room.
Please email me to get on the announcement list if you are interested but can't make this date.
Cost is $20, paid in advance (via paypal to, or credit card by phone).

Smart Sitting

Are you perplexed by the question of how to sit? 
Do you find it difficult to settle in to a comfortable sitting position without fidgeting? 

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • The natural way to sit as dictated by your anatomy
  • How to find support from the ground up
  • How your sitting posture affects your breathing, your concentration & your state of mind

To be scheduled  - or contact me to schedule a class for your group.
Cost is $20, paid in advance.
For more information, read this article on sitting by my colleague Mary Bond, Certified Rolfer.

The New Rules of Posture

Why do we need new rules? The truth is the old rules – Shoulders back! Head up! – make most people feel stiff and unnatural. Healthy posture can be discovered from within, by cultivating your body’s ability to feel. In this workshop we'll share ideas about pain-free body use, including:

  • How your perception of the world creates your posture
  • Awareness of key zones in your body that shape alignment
  • How to change your habits without self-criticism
To be scheduled  - or contact me to schedule a class for your group.
Cost is $20, paid in advance.
For more information, read this book on posture by my colleague Mary Bond, Certified Rolfer.

Shoe Clinic

Rolfing Shoe Clinic
Learn how barefoot walking can inspire healthier 
shoe choices. We'll discuss what to look for in shoes, and check your shoes to see how they measure up. Please bring 4-6 pairs of your shoes. You'll leave with enough knowledge to confidently choose good shoes for future purchases. 
  • Understand natural motion of the foot
  • Learn the criteria for barefoot-inspired footwear
  • Evaluate your own feet
  • Modify your shoes to improve foot health (please bring 4-6 pairs)

To be scheduled  - or contact me to schedule a class for your group.
Cost is $20, paid in advance.

Healthy Shoe Choices (Download pdf for 2 page article) by Karin Edwards Wagner
    or download the 4-page expanded version intended for health professionals
My current favorite shoe can be purchased locally at Pie Footwear (NE Alberta), FitRight NW (NW 23rd or Vancouver, WA), or at the holistic podiatrist's office (NW Montgomery Park). Call ahead to make sure they have your size/color on hand. For free online videos and a free local class about running warm-ups and techniques, try Minimalist Mondays.
See the Press page for links to scientific articles pertaining to feet and footwear.

Free Rolfing for Children - May 2015, People's Food Co-op 

Rolfing for Children
Portland Rolfers will offer free sessions for children ages 0-10, to honor the birthday of our founder, Dr. Ida Rolf. We provide gentle bodywork to insure healthy growth and movement patterns, perform a structural check-up for preventative care, and offer treatment for concerns such as scoliosis, growing pains, pigeon toes, and more. This will be our 10th annual children's clinic, with about 8 volunteer Rolfers and about 30 children. Registration begins in the spring; I require names and ages of child/children, parent's full name, phone number, email address, any health/growth concerns.