Frequently Asked Questions

Health and safety: Masks optional. I mask with anyone who prefers that.

If you have had *any symptoms* in the past two weeks, including fever above 100 degrees, gastric upset, even shortness of breath or unexplained fatigue - please contact me prior to arriving.
Even if you think it's allergies (sneezing, congestion), please check in with me first.
We agree to inform each other ASAP if either of us develop any symptoms after our session.

Can Rolfing help me?
Rolfing before and after

That depends on what you are looking for. Rolfing aligns the body, so if you need help with your posture or if you are seeking a holistic overhaul, Rolfing is absolutely the best modality. The benefits of Rolfing can improve your quality of life.

If you are looking for help with chronic pain or injuries, Rolfing can help. Some examples of problems that Rolfing can help: backache, sciatica, SI joint pain, scoliosis, pelvic asymmetry, headache, stiff neck, jaw pain, shoulder pain, whiplash, repetitive strain injury, insomnia, knee pain, foot pain, and many others.

I'd be happy to discuss your concerns and give my opinion about whether Rolfing is right for you. If some other form of therapy would be a better fit for your situation, I will refer you to a skilled practitioner.

General questions? See "First Visit" for more information about sessions.

Each Rolfing session is $205
$5 discount ($200) for cash or check at time-of-service.

Financial need? For those with financial hardship, please contact me to discuss options. I offer a limited number of "scholarships" for a reduced fee to those who are a good fit for my work and have financial need. I also can provide names of colleagues who have lower rates and/or offer sliding scale.  

Children and infants: Sessions for children under age 10 are $100 and are approx. 45 minutes in length. 

Payment: All card types are accepted, including Health Savings Account cards. Check or cash payments will receive a $5 discount. This discount also applies to no-fee electronic payment such as Venmo, Zell, or Paypal's "Friends-and-Family" option. 

Accidents: In some cases I may bill your MVA claim; however I limit the number of these that I take so I may offer you a referral or give you the option of paying out of pocket and getting reimbursed from your claim.

Where is the Rolfing office located?

Awakenings Wellness Center, 1016 SE 12th, a block and a half south of Belmont
Please see the Contact page

When can I get my first session?

Please use the orange button below to schedule, or contact me if you don't see an option that works for you. Sessions are about 60 minutes in length; please allow 90 minutes in your schedule in case we need the extra time, especially for your first visit.
I offer a free 20-minute consultation by phone or in my office if you choose.  If you have a printer, please print and fill out the intake form.  I sometimes have appointments on short notice if your schedule is flexible.

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Is Rolfing painful?

Sometimes, but it doesn't have to be. If you generally like bodywork, you will probably enjoy most of the work that we do. There may be some moments of intense sensation in places of injury or longterm strain. Sometimes simply working more slowly will help make it more comfortable. Gently calming inflamed nerves first is another great strategy for dealing with tender areas. We get the best results when the sensations remain at an intensity level where you can relax and breathe normally.  

How can I learn more about improving my posture?

There are several good books on this subject on the Links page. Check out the Short Movement Classes which are open to the public regardless of whether or not you have had the Rolfing series. I schedule these based on interest, so let me know if there is a topic you'd like to experience. 

Can you help me heal after a car accident?

Yes, we can address whiplash, pain, and misalignment that results from a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA). This injury-specific work is considered "manual therapy" in contrast to classic, holistic Rolfing. In the process of helping you heal from your MVA injuries, you will also likely experience some holistic improvement. Theoretically, treatment is warranted until your health is at a similar level as prior to the accident; this means you should be able to dance, hike, drive, work, and do other activities.

Within a year following your accident, your PIP claim (Personal Injury Protection) with your own insurance company will generally pay for your treatment. But in reality, claims pay more readily in the first few months after your accident and after that, it varies based on your claim and your MVA insurance company. I bill all MVA claims except USAA. 

If you have a MVA claim, my work is typically completely covered. In the state of Oregon, you may not need a prescription to get started with me - ask your MVA insurance company. If required, you can get a prescription from any type of physican: medical doctor, osteopath, nurse practitioner, physician's assistant, naturopath, chiropractor, or in some cases even an acupuncturist. I can give you a referral to a holistic practitioner who can provide the prescription for my work. I will bill your insurance company directly, so please provide your claim number, agent name, and their phone number.  

If you were a pedestrian or a bicyclist and you were hit by a car (or a car door), you can file a claim with their insurance. Even though you weren't driving, if you are on a car insurance policy, your PIP (personal injury protection) will pay for your care immediately and the other insurance company will pay them back later. 

Most car insurance companies are very helpful regarding these claims. Usually you don't need a lawyer, but if you do, I can refer you to a lawyer who is familiar with motor vehicle claims.